NFL Network Audience

The NFL Network is a sport-oriented network that is owned by the National Football League. They have been focused delivery a 24/7 coverage that deals with the league. NFL Network is also a part of the NFL Media team which also includes, Films, Now or Mobile and NFL Redzone. Their whole team is responsible delivering the news and entertainment about the league to their fans. Their two main focuses are the coverage and getting that news to their number one fan.

Who is that number one fan?

After reading Who is the NFL Number One Fan one would already know who it was. Steven a 45 male who works add haves an average life. Recap on who he is.

Name Steven

Sex: Male

Job: White Collar

Average Age: 45

Home: He most likely owns his own home

College: He went to college

Other: He has children

Purpose for the NFl network

The NFL Network is used for both news and entertainment.

Reasons why is network should be looked at as because at the end of each game or weekend there are reports of the games and reviewed or reviews of performance of players. There are talk shows that go over plays and team performance and projected wins and loses. News is detailed and covers everything with all teams.

The entertainment side is it about being at the games, the fantasy league and watching the game. Other explains are the side shows, clothing and players outside life. Steven their number one fan enjoys watching the games to unwind.

Frequency of the PUBLICATION

Their content and stories are posted daily, hourly and monthly. They post at the at the end of every game, game day and give post special moments within the league. Not only to they post or cover special stories, but also cover annual stories like Breast Cancer Month and the annual health reports of all players.

Who wants wants them to lose

Let’s face it everyone has competition and has someone who wants you to fail, and who wants the NFL Network to fail. Any network, website or podcast that talks about sports is wanting them to fail, so they have chance to take there spot. Some of these competitors are Fox Sports, ESPN, Bleacher Report, Sport Ill. and many others.

With a huge number of competitors the NFL Network has to stay focused and keep coming out on top. They need to stay up to date with everything not only with posting the content, but also the tech work as well.

Style and Information CHALLENGEs

Their home page on use some work. One thing that they need to work is making every page l

NFL Network Audience

Who is the Number One NFL Fan?

NFL Network Demographics

Who is consider the number one fan? The face of the NFL Network? Who is this one person, and what makes him the number one fan? Here are a couple rates and demographics to get a better look to see who at one fan really is.

MEET the number one fan

We’re going to name him: Steven


Job: White Collar

Average Age: 45

Home: He most likely owns his own home

College: He went to college

Other: He has children

Other FActs

According to New York InterconnectBroncos_vs_49ers_preseason_game_at_Levi's_Stadium here are a couple hard numbers for NFL Network.

  • 26.9% have 4+ plus years of college
  • 28.4% White Collar, Professional or in Management
  • 66.2% own their home
  • 83.3% Male and 16.7% are Female
Who is the Number One NFL Fan?

Week of Hell

My first week back in Murfreesboro Tennessee

The first week back to Murfreesboro has been one hell of a week.

For starters lets talk about the few days before I actually moved back. On August 19th two days before I made the four hour trip to Murfreesboro was my last day of working two jobs this past summer. At this point of the summer I was beyond tired and was wanted to sleep so hard that Rip Van Winkle would have been jealous. It was Wednesday and just like any Wednesday before it was truck day, at Beef Jerky Outlet. Why in the world would my manager make me work was hard unloading beef jerk? After working that job I had to go to my other job Gymboree and work on new line that was coming out the next day. Needless to say my last days at work where trying and hard.

On August 20th the day before was just as horrible. The reason why it was packing day and getting the last few things that I would need for the new apartment. I had all my things for the most part still in boxes from move before which made packing the car effortless. After double checking the house twice to make sure that everything was in the car it was time to go with mom to Sam’s Club. At Sam’s Club I go the last few things that I needed like: a life time supply of toilet paper, seven gallons of Downy and a thousand trash bags.

“Moving day”

My first week in my new apartment has been one unpredictable week compared to what I had planned. What was supposed to be an easy move became full of complications that came from left field.  I moved back to Murfreesboro, Tennessee on August 21, which was the day before moving in day. Yeah, I felt like a blonde showing up the day before and getting told that I could not move in yet. This was not how I wanted to start my semester off. Lucky enough one of my roommates, Caitlin, was home to let me into the apartment. Then that night Caitlyn’s boyfriend, Jacob, helped me pick the lock to get into my room.

Week of Hell

The Galaxy Far Far Far Away has been Awoken.

The Battle between the Famous Ears and Loyal Star Wars Fans.

Back in 2005, every loyal fan thought that the Star Wars saga was officially done. The major reason for everyone to believe this was that Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith tied all six movies together. That was the end of whole trilogy, right? No, just star wars logoseven short years later in the fall of 2012, Disney and Lucasflims Ltd. made a deal. With this studio brokered deal of 4.05 billion dollars gave birth of the next generation of Star Wars movies.

Trailer Release Date

The first teaser trailer, of one minute and twenty-six second, came out in December of 2014. This short trailer had every fan drooling and wanting to know more. Episode 7: The Force Awakens will come out on December 2015, in the USA.Star Wars: The Force Awakens Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm 2015

Waiting for the movie to come out brought up many questions like: where is the story line going, who was casted and the characters, Disney and what they did and how the fans feel.


The story line is every touchy for most fans do to the fact that Disney, who now owns everything Star Wars, has stated that only the first six movies and the Disney cartoon Star Wars Rebels count as real Star Wars lore, and everything else is now thrown out the window. This means that Episodes 7, 8 and 9 movie plots are now up for grabs on what can happen.

A fan only knows from this trailer is that the Republic is going to fight with the Empire, and they can hear Luke Skywalker’s voice talking about the Jedi Force, and how it is still alive.  Other things they see in this teaser is one faced storm trooper, a young woman ready to fight, Luke’s hand on R2D2 and the best two flyers in the sky.

There are a bunch of loyal fans do not like the fact that Disney is not going with the book series that has already been created. star_wars_70395 The projected idea is that Disney is going to loosely base Episode 7 between what is already created and add some other story line plots. It is believed by most fan boys everywhere that this movie will be about Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order and maybe the Yuuzhan Vong Wars.

Or the writers and director plus Disney could be going somewhere completely different, but most believe this is the direction they are going.

Odd Facts

The original Star Wars that came out in 1977 said to be before it’s time. Not only for the editing, being a Sci-fi but also the social community standard just like the Dune. Here is a article that does go into Dune’s social problems that retail to actual real world problems.

Dune: May the Force be with Society 

Cast and Characters

AP_star_wars_original_sr_140429_16x9_992Probably the second biggest rejoice every fan boy had other than Episode 7 coming the out is that the original cast agreed to come back. Another crazy thing about the original cast, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and even Peter Mayhem, is that the movie is based thirty years after the Battle of Endor and the actors real ages kind of match the characters ages.

New Characters

Opening scene from the trailer is one young man dressed in a storm trooper uniform in the middle of a desert planet. His name is Finn and he finds himself in danger throughout the whole trailer. Finn’s plot in the movie is still a mystery, because he is seen with a young woman and the Empire. Another new character is a young woman whom is seen racing on a speeder. This character Rey’s effect on the movie has been somewhat leaked as a scavenger who lives a solitary life until she meets another character where her adventure begins.

Fan Boys and their feelings

Let’s face it not all fans are ecstatic or love the fact that Disney now owns everything Star Wars. People who have seen Star Wars from the beginning and they have a belief of how Episode 7 should, and they have every high hopes. There are a couple of things a loyal fan boys are upset about. One thing they’re not a fan of is Finn’s character is a storm trooper, and we saw his face… Storm troopers are clones made from Jango Fett, and are looked as one faceless troop standing as one. This could be Disney’s adding their ideas to the story line. Finn’s character will play a major role within the movie. Another thing is that Disney has wreaked Torino_Comics_2006_Star_Wars_cosplayersthirty-eight of Star Wars lore and killed a lot of works from writers to the games designers. Not only have they done this but also written off some major characters like Luke’s wife Mara Jade and the evil Admiral Thrawn. Basically the whole universe is being rebuild and rewritten, and they have taken out important events and also renamed many planets and weapons.

How I Feel

After watching the first trailer I was thrilled that the whole trilogy was finally going to be completed, but after the research for this article I understand the upset-ness from the loyal fans. I do not like what Disney has done to the whole lore of Star Wars. No matter of who owns it, even I don’t like the fact who said owner is, I will watch Episode 7 when it comes out.

The Galaxy Far Far Far Away has been Awoken.

Photography and Your First Amendment Rights

What laws are there to protect us when taking photos and what are our rights? In this digital world where news doesn’t stop, who has the right to tell us what photos we can take? With smart phones capturing wrong doings, protests and officers breaking laws, can someone tell you to stop capturing these events? This brings up questions to ask what are my rights are. Your First Amendment Rights does cover you in most cases on public property.

Who is a Photographer?

Merriam-Webster defines a photographer as, “a person who takes photographs especially as a job.” I feel that a photographer can be anyone and it does not have to be their job. My own definition of a photographer is, “someone who captures a story or content within a photo that others can view and feel some kind of emotion.”

First Amendment Rights

First ten Amendment Rights are your Bill of Rights and they were created for your protection and cannot be taken away.

What is the FIrst Amendment?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. 

So far no Supreme Court rulings have fully addresses where photographers or photos actually land in the First Amendment, or if the amendment should cover photography. There have been many cases and rulings that have helped build a foundation in the rights of the photographer. 

In Texas v. Johnson, 1989, Gregory Johnson was taken to court for a protest against President Reagan and said his First Amendment Rights were violated. The court ruled in his favor that it was symbolic speech. The courts stated, “First Amendment literally forbids the abridgment  only of ‘speech’, but we have long recognized that its protection does not end at the spoken or written word…”

A few years later, in 1995, in the ruling of Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian & Bi-Sexual Group, the Supreme Court ruled the following: “To achieve First Amendment protection, a plaintiff must show that he possessed: (1) a message to be communicated: and (2) an audience to receive that message, regardless of the medium in which the message is to be expressed.”

Neither of these two cases dealt with photography, but instead dealt with what should be considered free speech.

In 2009, Chavez v. City of Oakland did deal with photos and media. Raymundo Chavez, a photographer for the Oakland Tribune, was arrested for taking photos of accident on Interstate 880. Chavez was wearing at the time his media pass at the time and was told to stop taking photos, and then was arrested. Chavez stated under his First and Fourth Amendment Rights that he was unlawfully arrested, which had prevented him from covering a news worthy event.

Photography does meet all elements within these rulings, and this means that you are protected.

What is the Difference Between Public and Private Property

Supreme Court rulings and findings that state you’re covered, but somewhere there has to be a line drawn.

Laws state that there are two classes of property which are public and private property.

Public property is defined as the following: “property owned by the government or one of its agencies, divisionparks, or entities. Commonly a reference to parks, playgrounds, streets, sidewalks, schools, libraries and other property regularly used by the general public.”

As for Private property is defined by: “land not owned by the government or dedicated to public use.”

Public Spaces

When in public spaces, a photographer can lawfully take pictures of objects or people who are in plain view. You’re also able to take photos of federal and government-owned buildings, but only from the outside.

Since the Riley v. California Ruling, officers legally cannot view your photos or even videos without a warrant. If for any reason you’re arrested, and your photos are confiscated they cannot go through them or delete anything. If they do the officers can be faced felony charges. 17744-business-man-holding-a-cell-phone-pv

People can be photographed if they are in public, without their consent. Use caution and don’t over step their personal space if they are secluding themselves and give them some reasonable degree of privacy.

Private Property

Some locations that are considered private property are: homes, professional stadiums, theaters, some museums or exhibits and etc. Which means that the owner or company controls any projection or pictures that are taken. They have the right to restrict and counsel what photography happens on their property. staduim 2

Other places that follow similar are colleges, universities and other institutions. One reason is for the protection of their students.

In Closing Comments

 Now that you have a better understanding of your rights as a photographer. You can go out and take all the pictures you want without breaking any laws. If confronted remember to be respectful and polite when informing them of your rights, use good judgement when doing so. Another idea to help others understand is to keep a couple The Photographer’s Rights in your bag to hand out for them to read. Knowing what your rights are half the battle.

Photography and Your First Amendment Rights

Tennessee Mountain Dew and Wineries

Sevier County is located in East Tennessee at the foot on the Great Smoky Mountains. The county itself is rich with local and national history. Within Sevier County there have been majors battles, settlers, famous people and moonshine. White lighting has been in Sevier County since the begin, illegally of of course, but in the pass couple of years “proper” distilled moonshine has become legal. From that moment on distilleries and wineries have been popping up all over the county. If you ever find yourself in Sevier County and looking for an adult drink stop and look at these few places.

The Apple Barn Winery

Apple Orchard The grounds for the Apple Barn are unique to itself housing: a general store, a cider mill, two restaurants, has a bakery, a candy store, an ice-cream store plus all year round Christmas store. Another feature that helps the Apple Barn stand out from the pack is they house their own vineyard and apple orchid on the campus. This gives them fresher ingredients to choose from. They are partnered with the Rocky Top Wine Trail.

Bootleggers Homemade Wine

The winery is owned by two country sisters whom focus on the Appalachian way of living. Their wines come from small-batched recipes, and the flavors do not compare to California or French made wines. Bootleggers Homemade Wine is just simple kitchen made wine.

Doc Collier Moonshine distillery

This distillery is a small local owned business that is under a year old. The company has been building a namedoc collier for themselves by going to events like The Taste of Autumn back in October of 2014. Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery business has become well known within the buying community.

Eagle Springs Winery

With their location being right off of the Sevier County 407 exist makes Eagle Springs Winery the first stop on the five winery stop on the Rocky Top Wine Trail. Their wines are fermented from different of flowers and wildflower honey to give the wine it’s sweet taste.

Hillside Winery

This picture is from inside the actual tour.

What helps Hillside Winery stand out from the others is that they actually give a whole winery tour, and also focus on the Italian and bubble kinds of wines. Hillside Side Winery is one of the few stops on the Rocky Top Wine Trail.

Mountain Valley Winery

With Mountain Valley Winery starts in 1991 the winery has been known for their French and German styled wines along with their muscadines, which are a sweeter fruit based wine. They too are also on the Wine Trail stops.

Ole Smoky Distillery, LLc

old-smokey-moonshineThis distillery is probably the most well known out of all the wineries and distilleries within the county. Reasons why come from the difference flavors they have and claim to have a recipe from the famous moonshiner himself Popcorn Sutton. The also sponsor many events and places like Cotton Eyed Joe’s in Knoxville Tennessee and also sponsor at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Smoky Mountain Winery

Is claimed to be the oldest winery in the area. Smoky Mountain Winery have won many awards on the regional, national and even the international levels. During their tastings you’re able to taste twenty of their award winning wines.

Sugarland Cellars

They are the fifth and final stop on the Rocky Top Wine Trail. Sugarland Cellars Sugarland-Cellars-2-184x184pride themselves as being a true local drink. Their employees are mostly from the East Tennesee area and the also stay connected to the community.

Here is a Map of all the Stops in Sevier County

map of wineries and distilleries

Tennessee Mountain Dew and Wineries